Child Safety Policy

This page outlines Creative Playground Education's ("we", us" or "Company") commitment to protecting your ("you", "Client") child's safety and privacy.

Our Commitment

Creative Playground Education is committed to promoting and maintaining a culture that does not permit or tolerate child abuse, neglect or exploitation. This policy establishes our priority to ensure the welfare and safety of your child, to provide a safe environment, and set out our approach to managing risk to children.

Child Safe Professional Behaviours

Staff working with children must adhere to the following behaviours when performing work that involves children:

  • Conduct work in a professional manner.
  • Do not use language or behaviour towards children that are inappropriate, harassing, abusive, sexually provocative, demeaning or culturally inappropriate.
  • Wherever possible, ensure that another adult is present when working with or near children.
  • Do not use physical or emotional punishment on children.
  • Comply with all relevant Australian legislation including Working with Children Checks for all Australian staff.
  • Never access or use child-related data to exploit or harass children.
  • Never use any computers, mobile phones, video cameras, cameras or social media to exploit or harass children, or access child exploitation material through any medium.
  • Immediately report concerns or allegations of inappropriate behaviour, child exploitation, and abuse.
  • When we receive information about concerns or witness any matter relating to inappropriate behaviour, child exploitation or abuse of a child, we will respond promptly and report any such concerns to the appropriate authority.

We encourage open communication with children, parents, carers, and staff. Our teaching principle is to "let them have a go". It doesn't matter if outcomes are not as expected because this is all part of the STEM pedagogy and STEM learning process.

Child Privacy Policy

In addition to our general Privacy Policy, we include the following additional child privacy policy commitments.

We regularly take photos and videos during our classes where children may be present but not identifiable. If you have provided consent, we may take photos and/or videos of your child where your child will be identifiable through facial features in that media file. We will never publish your child's full name with his/her photos or videos.

The media files are be stored on our secure server and may be used for publishing on our website or on our social media accounts. 

You can request us to delete your child’s media files by contacting us at In your email to us, please include your full name, your child's full name, and the link to the media file you wish to be deleted.

Working With Children Checks Maintenance and Monitoring

Every quarter, we will monitor the Working With Children Check ("WWCC") status for all staff who work with children. If a staff's WWCC will be expiring in the next quarter, they will be notified to renew their number with the corresponding authority. 

A staff whose WWCC has expired will not be allowed to perform any work with children. Their duties will be suspended until a renewed WWCC has been supplied to us.

Reporting Guidelines

If we believe a child is in immediate danger, we will be calling 000 immediately.

We have a mandatory reporting requirement for all staff if we suspect child abuse and neglect. Cases will be reported to relevant government authorities depending on your state of residence.

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