Can household chores teach STEM skills to kids?

April 14, 2023

Doing chores may not sound like a fun way to spend time with your kids, but it could be the perfect opportunity to start teaching them about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). With the right attitude and a bit of creativity, you can turn ordinary housework into an engaging STEM activity that your little ones will actually enjoy.

Household Chores Are STEM Education in Disguise!


Household chores provide plenty of opportunities to discuss science concepts with your children. For example, when doing the laundry together you can explain why certain items should be washed at different temperatures or talk about the properties of water and how that affects our cleaning process. In the kitchen, you can help them understand why some foods spoil faster than others or why mixing ingredients together creates something completely new. Even when sweeping or mopping floors, you can teach them about chemical reactions and the importance of following instructions on cleaning products.


When it comes to technology and household tasks, there are so many possibilities! If you have a smart home system installed in your house then use this as an opportunity to teach your kids basic tech skills by showing them how it works or letting them adjust settings on their own. You could also show them how to use an app on their phone or tablet to set up reminders for themselves when it’s time to do chores. This will help them learn responsibility while also getting familiar with technology at the same time.


Chores are great for teaching problem-solving skills, which is essential for engineering. When you’re faced with a tricky task—for instance figuring out how to organize all those toys—encourage your child to think like an engineer and come up with creative solutions such as building storage boxes or making labels for each bin. You can also introduce simple machines such as pulleys and levers by using everyday items around the house like rope, blocks, and wood planks!


Math is everywhere in our everyday lives—including household chores! From measuring ingredients while baking to counting coins when grocery shopping, math is essential for completing any task. Encourage your child to practice mental math by telling them stories about money or asking questions such as “How much change would I get if I bought this item?” You can even turn mundane tasks like folding clothes into fun math games by having your child count out a certain number of pieces before they put them away!

Who knew that household chores could be so educational? By turning mundane tasks into exciting STEM activities, you will have a unique opportunity to help you children learn important skills without feeling overwhelmed.

What is your favourite chore you do with your children?

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